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If we could pick the most unique club track we’ve heard this year so far, it would probably have to be Geneva-based Aïsha Devi’s “Throat Dub (Tool)”. Consisting of nine minutes of Devi’s gutteral vocals processed and layered into something intended both as a DJ tool for the more adventurous selectors, and as a piece of meditative electronic music, it’s a track designed to function on two very different levels. It mirrors the “ritual music” philosophy of her Danse Noire label, one that recognises the importance of dance music’s most basic function, but one that also aims to bring a little transcendence into the club space with its heady, visual approach.

Devi’s work with Danse Noire and her concurrent solo productions feel like the logical next step in her musical career; under the Kate Wax moniker Devi released several albums and EPs for Mental Groove and Border Community between 2006 and 2012, weaving, moulding and stretching her voice around electronic frameworks both fragile and robust. She has since found kindred spirits in experimental Italian synth artist Vaghe Stelle and Algerian-born El Mahdy Jr, both of whom have released on Danse Noire following the label’s inception last year. These artists, alongside carefully selected remixers like Cooly G, Hieroglyphic Being, Killing Sound, Nguzunguzu and IVVVO, all give the impression of a label inspired by the outer fringes of experimental dance music, and one with an open approach to genre.

With a unique outlook and a string of strong releases, we thought it would be a good idea to invite Devi to contribute to our podcast series in order to get both a better understanding of what her musical outlook is at the moment, and to let Devi put the Danse Noire philosophy into context across a mix. Titled Luv Extase II, the resulting 71 minutes is described by Devi herself as a “hybrid zone” that merges “current and secular music” to create “a kind of a third territory,” roughly translating into a journey drawing connections between techno, grime, ambient, high resolution club tracks and other more regional musical forms.

As well as taking in several of Devi’s own productions alongside recent and forthcoming Danse Noire material from IVVVO and Niki Tiphticoglou, she even manages to work music from Arca, The Haxan Cloak and Dean Blunt alongside music from Juno Plus favourites Lakker, M.E.S.H., Slackk and TCF. The result is a set that remaps the club experience in a similarly exploratory way to Berlin’s Janus collective or Fade To Mind’s Total Freedom, albeit approaching things from a darker angle. As well as asking Devi about the intentions behind her podcast, we also took the opportunity to ask Devi a few questions about her work and plans for the label. You can read that here:


1. Aïsha Devi - Throat Dub
2. The Ganges Orchestra - The Calling
3. Paula Temple - Colonized
4. Arca - Meditation vs Wu-Tang
5. THRONE - Grace (unreleased)
6. The-Drum - Sirens
7. ऋग्वेद -
8. El Mahdy Jr. - Lost Bridge (Killing Sound Version)
9. Dynooo - 08 (T0fgCfF) (Remix by Lars TCF Holdhus)
10. Sussan Deyhim & Richard Horowitz - Ishtar
11. Lakker - K’antu
12. Slackk - Blue Forest
13. Nawa - Fasel Al Jalal
14. M.E.S.H - Captivated
15. Cloud Boat - Amber Road (The Haxan Cloak Remix)
16. Visionist - Eye Try
17. Fis - Womb Dream
18. IVVVO - Consumed (unmastered, Forthcoming on Danse Noire)
19. Niki Tiphticoglou - Vorax (unmastered, Forthcoming on Danse Noire)
21. Aïsha Devi - Anatomy Of Light (unreleased)
22. Dean Blunt - Brutal
23. Aïsha Devi - The Saviour on Spilled Blood (unreleased)

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OUT 30/9

Immediate download of title track upon Pre-order


Juan Sordo Madaleno. Iglesia y parroquia de San Ignacio de Loyola, México DF 1962

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'Thievery' is taken from the forthcoming Arca album 'Xen' available November 3rd (4th in US) on Mute. Pre-order 'Xen' now: CD:

Arca DJ Tour
w/ Total Freedom & Jesse Kanda (Visuals)

9/18 - Fashion Tech - Portland, OR -
9/20 - Dome at Science World - Vancouver, BC -
9/23 - Gray Area Art & Technology Theater - San Francisco, CA -
9/24 - EMP Sky Church - Seattle, WA -
9/25 - First Unitarian Church - Los Angeles, CA -

Arca Online


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Triad edit of
Sudanim - Abondance
Tinashe - Vulnerable
Geotheory - Natsukashi
with additional edits and sounds by Magic Fades

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Fifty Grand’s music is scary. By incorporating full-bodied bass wobbles, horror-movie synth daggers and—occasionally—reverb-swaddled vocals, the Hollywood-based sound designer regularly crafts immersive SoundCloud nightmares. For our final “Summer 2014” FADER Mix, he assembled a murky 26-minute set for us; it features a few originals, unheard remixes of Bobby Shmurda and Father, and a truly unsettling Charles Manson outro. There’s a little audio sample about eight minutes in when a man—probably a psychologist—is speaking to a small child. He’s asking the child to recall a time when he maybe did something bad to a group of helpless baby birds. “What did you do?” the man asks. The child’s response is hard to hear. “What did you do?” he repeats, just before the audio expands and Fifty’s ominous, rattling production swells. What did the child do? To tell you the truth—I don’t think I want to know. Stream and download the FADER mix below, and then read a short interview with the vaguely mysterious producer.

EASTGHOST - Omniscient, They
FIFTY GRAND- See (Triads Remix)
BOBBY SHMURDA - Hot N*gga (Fifty Grand’s Triads Refix)
FELEVICITY - Around The Corner Was A Dinosaur
NA$TY MATT - Meet The Plug
TEKDOTLUN - Fuckwithnunbutgangstas
FATHER - Look At Wrist (Fifty Grand x Mike Labyrinth Remix)
MASTER FLASH YEN - Chapter Eight
DIVINE - Don’t Play
FIFTY GRAND - Ukey Black
FIFTY GRAND - I don’t care if it hurts
CHARLES MANSON - Clang Bang Clang

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"The Stars Below" is taken from Seekae’s latest album "The Worry", out now on Future Classic.

★★★★½ - Resident Advisor
★★★★½ - Musikexpress
★★★★ - Mojo Magazine

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K i w i i// Tropical Mami [ Greyscale X Enuma]

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